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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Tzipporah
PLAYER JOURNAL: [personal profile] actuallyclintbarton
CONTACT: [ profile] myshot
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED: Cassandra Cain, Connie Maheswaren

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Elizabeth "Eliza" Schuyler Hamilton
CANON: Hamilton: the Musical
AGE: 47
APPEARANCE: (Phillipa Soo as Eliza Hamilton, photographed with a mid-1800s camera lens)
CANON HISTORY: musical synopsis, historical summary

Elizabeth Schuyler was the middle of three daughters born to a prominent Albany family in the late 1700s. She grew up thick as thieves with her fearless older sister Angelica and her more cautious younger sister Peggy, and lived a relatively charmed and happy childhood. Both of her sisters were more intellectually inclined than Eliza was, but she still did her best and studied her French and read books that Angelica recommended - though generally much slower, and with a preference for fiction.

Shortly after the war started, she attended a party where she saw (and then met) a young soldier named Alexander Hamilton, who she was immediately smitten with. They were engaged within a month with her father's approval and married scant weeks after, but despite the speed at which their relationship progressed, they were extremely in love and exceedingly happy together.

While Alexander progressed through the war, and then into law and politics, Eliza was mostly a homemaker and hostess, having a number of surviving children and raising them to the best of her ability, and helping Alexander when he needed her. After their second-to-last child was born, Alexander was stupid enough to go publish a 95-page pamphlet that chronicled in explicit detail the affair he'd had with a young woman years ago while Eliza and the children were in Albany for the summer. This obviously threw a wrench in their relationship for a while.

Unfortunately, in 1801 their oldest son Philip - then nineteen - challenged another young man to a duel to defend his father's name in the aftermath of the scandal. While Philip was an honorable youth, the other man was not, and shot Philip before the duel officially commenced. Despite the doctor's best efforts, Philip died, breaking Eliza's heart all over again. After some time grieving, she reached out to Alexander again and they began to repair their relationship, and by 1804 they had recently had their 8th and final child and were again close and tender with one another, which was a comfort as Eliza's mother had died the year before, and her younger sister Peggy fell ill and died that spring. Their happiness was cut short when Alexander was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr, and Eliza's tenuous recovery from her grief was uprooted again a mere four months later when her father passed away, leaving Angelica her only surviving relative (apart from her children).

Obviously, as Eliza is a fictionalized version of a historical character, the musical does not always match up with actual history. I've used historical facts and assumptions to flesh her out, but the musical's events and timeline takes precedence over history every time.

Elizabeth Schuyler was once described by her beloved older sister thusly: "You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind". She is a genuinely good person with a big heart, who prefers to believe in people over being suspicious of them. This has, admittedly, caused her some pain in the past (I mean, she took her husband at his word one summer and years later found out that he'd actually been having an affair), but that has not shaken her belief in the general goodness of (most) people.

That belief and her big heart mean that she is an amazingly generous person, in whatever way she can provide succor to those in need of it. One of the most obvious ways she does this is by caring for orphaned or otherwise in-need children. While she will in the future be instrumental in the opening of the first private orphanage in Manhattan, thus far it's largely through the fostering children whose parents were either dead or imprisoned or otherwise unable to care for them. Given that she already had many children to raise, this definitely shows her empathy and generosity.

Eliza is, relatedly, rather a natural mother. She is gentle and nurturing by nature and loves her children (both the ones she gave birth to and the ones she helped to raise even for a little while) more than life itself. She is also extremely protective of the people she loves, even when they really don't need her mothering them so to speak.

Though she is gentle and seems quite soft, she has a core of steel - she doesn't let anyone walk all over her, and she is capable of holding her head high through tragedy. Within the past four years, her husband has published an explicit pamphlet documenting his affair with another woman, and she has suffered many deaths in her family - her sister Peggy, her oldest son Philip, her mother, Alexander himself, and most recently her father. Even so, she finds solace in her faith, and continues to be kind and emotionally generous.

To the people who cross her, though - whether directly or by marking themselves an enemy of someone she loves - she is as firm in her anger as she is in her faith or her love. The men who speak most against her husband (such as Thomas Jefferson) have her eternal enmity, though she may not be as public about her feelings as her husband was. She can be amazingly forgiving to those she believes truly regret what they did or said, as evidenced in her forgiveness of Alexander for the whole Reynolds Pamphlet debacle, but when she decides to hold a grudge she damn well holds it.

Despite the fact that she is much more soft-spoken than her husband or her sister Angelica, she is no wilting flower and she is not without her own wicked streak. She's not as quick of wit as either of them, and she's not as well-educated, but she is a Schuyler sister and she has a certain spark and fire to her that smolders under the surface - undoubtedly what drew Alexander to her in the first place.

All in all, she's a largely kind and lovely woman who almost always has a kind word for others, with a core of steel strength and the ability to hold a grudge for decades if she deems it suitable.

Plus, y'know, she's Alexander Hamilton's wife. She has to be pretty smart - if not as quick and mentally nimble - to keep up with him.

ABILITIES: Uh…. she can sew? And cook? And plan parties? Flower arranging? Household organization and basic finances? Childrearing? Being a stone cold badass and also the sweetest thing ever?

Speaks Dutch. Can't read or write it very well, but she can speak and understand it enough to be technically fluent. Also moderately conversational in French, and she's better at reading it than she is Dutch.

  • Chemise
  • Stockings
  • Stays
  • Pockets
    • Small book of psalms
    • Pencil box
    • Household accounting book
    • Small knife
    • Scissors
    • Small box of toffees
    • Keys
    • A dime and a few pennies
    • Three handkerchiefs
    • Small sewing kit
    • Thimble
    • Small bag of clay marbles
    • Wooden top and string
    • An apple
    • A paper with a poem of Alexander's on it
    • Alexander's glasses, in a little silk pouch

  • Petticoat
  • Black gown (sort of "old-fashioned" and definitely not regency-style but she doesn't care)
  • Shoes
  • Locket with two small cameos painted by different artists, of Philip and Alexander
  • Mourning ring with lock of Alexander's hair in it, on a ribbon around her neck

ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? YOU WILL NEVER FIND ANYONE AS TRUSTING OR AS KIND. this is the most precious cinnamon roll and she must be protected. She's a complete badass who can take care of herself but still.

S A M P L E S;

She didn't cry when Alexander died.

Well, that wasn't entirely true - tears slipped down her cheeks when he fell silent and breathed his last, but while Angelica sobbed (half angry and half heartbroken, and how had it once taken Eliza so long to realize how in love with him her sister was?) she had simply kissed his forehead and sat with her shoulders squared, rubbing Angelica's back comfortingly.

She was still calm when she gathered her children together to tell them the news, even as the little ones cried (in either grief or, in little Lizzy's case, confusion) and the older boys did their best not to. It was as though all her grief was frozen inside her, and she couldn't bring herself to accept that it was necessary. But she couldn't not comfort her children - it was her duty as a mother and she would die before she withheld such a thing from them. So she kissed them all and held them for a long time, until Mr. Pendleton solemnly came to present her with some papers.

A letter on top, addressed to her in Alexander's hand, made something clench in her chest, and she could barely breathe for a long moment.

"I'm afraid I must retire," she said, her voice steady, and reached out to her oldest son. "Keep an eye on the little ones, please." She hoped Alex had said yes, because she was feeling light-headed and wanted desperately to be alone for just a little while. She made it to the bedroom she shared-- had shared-- with Alexander, and stood at the window in still silence for a long moment before opening the letter.

This letter, my very dear Eliza, will not be delivered to you, unless I shall first have terminated my earthly career…

She wasn't even able to finish the first paragraph before the still frozen ice of her grief cracked and overtook her like a hurricane, and she collapsed to the ground sobbing.


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